If a guy - gigolo

If a guy - gigolo
 Surprisingly, men are seeking to eat, drink and have fun at the expense of his beautiful half - are not uncommon. Relationship with such a lover of "freebies" painfully hit the self-esteem, causing a woman to doubt the sincerity of feelings of other men. If you have doubts about the integrity of the elect, it is worth a closer look at his behavior.
 Alfonso attract not only wealthy ladies who are in search of a beautiful and young lover, but also a woman with quite average income. After all the requirements of the latter is less, but in the hope of personal happiness girls are often willing to literally remove the last shirt. Eyes are opened only after former lover disappears in an unknown direction, getting everything he wanted. In order not to fall for the bait gigolo, should know about the techniques that they use.

Love at first sight. Dreaming of a prince on a white horse? He is in front of you. Affectionate, gentle, devoted a puppy. And anything that introduction took place two days ago - he was ready to carry you in my arms. Breakfast in bed, dinner by candlelight, love letters - Alphonse uses the entire stock of romantic tricks peeped in Hollywood movies. If a man tries too hard to show their best side, it is a serious occasion to reflect on the fact that behind the mask of an ideal hero.

"Everything at your feet! ". His promises no end in sight: you already see themselves the future owner of coats, chic earrings with diamonds, a sports car and a bunch of other nice things. But that's beyond words is not going. Moreover, dear becomes very stingy on gifts. If at the beginning of the relationship, he sometimes gave flowers, now only feeds you "breakfast." Usually candy buketny period ends at the moment when the corrupt Don Juan is convinced that she is "on the hook". That is head over heels in love.

The further behavior gigolos can be divided into two conditional Category: Household and criminal.

The first type includes men who are, in principle, to set up a long term relationship, but too lazy or careless to provide for themselves, not to mention the second half. Seeing that the woman literally melts in his arms, household gigolo relaxes. Problems begin with the work. The reasons may be different: not appreciate the bosses, not converged with the team, not satisfied with the salary. Only now matching jobs can take months and even years. The "Prince" is not ashamed to take money from his lady. And to save on himself, he does not, requiring great food and good clothes. Get rid of the boarder quite difficult. Despite the constant threats to leave, that keep your partner in nervous tension, is not going to go away gigolo. Attempts by women to take the initiative and drive cavalier end tearful scenes, promises to reform and job search. On which, however, negligent employee is delayed briefly. 

Crime gigolo - the real fraud. The classical scheme looks like this: a dizzying beginning of the novel gives way to unexpected problems. For example, the beloved mother was ill and needed money for surgery. Or he was robbed, and should be given a large sum of money borrowed. He swears that he would return every penny as early as next week, as will restore the bank card, get a transfer, salary and so on. D. However, after the stack of banknotes in the hands of a rogue, he disappears in an unknown direction. A betrayed woman discovers that she forgot to take a receipt or some other way to fix the transfer of money.

If your new fan matches the description given above, you should think about the prospects of your relationship.

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