How to recognize a tyrant

How to recognize a tyrant
 The family relationship is not always a harmony and understanding. Between spouses is no understanding, support equal rights in the views, opinions. And often the fault of this - domestic tyranny. It is important to see in your partner is in the early stages of courtship, meetings and prevent rash step.  
 In this case, you should not rely on the people's wisdom, like, "Someone Else's soul - darkness" or "Husband and wife - one of Satan." Does not become a tyrant in the family, so he went there, just under the mask. There is much to argue that sadistic moral or physical go from emotional trauma, severe childhood, etc. All this is true, but this does not have to suffer other innocent people - his wife and children, and the health of the mind which receives daily injury. To avoid becoming a victim of domestic tyrant, you need to very carefully look at his handpicked successor.

No need to fly out to do an elephant and each girl look for in a partner non-existent systems. As a rule, the behavior of the tyrant, even masterfully made-up, intuitively given birth doubt, but most in a rush of feelings attributed to this very different quality.

You can recognize the tyrant at the earliest dates. This style of behavior and conversation. The essence of overt and covert tyranny - this suppression, domination. Looking closely to these people, it is striking that even hiding behind fine words, spoken in a calm tone, in its essence is not innocent. They are, for example, it is abhorrent to another point of view different from their own, either they give their opinion as dogma, brooked no argument, it priporoshit dazzling smile and charm. Despot may be an intellectual and then should carefully pick up the conversation, learn to sift through a sieve imaginary eloquent verbal peel. Important here: people are always trying to impose their ideas and their world differently. He just does not take criticism very actively criticizes able to inspire some complexes interlocutor, show it failure and even flawed.

Sometimes it happens: the partner is included in such a rage that almost tore the mask may crumble insults, netsenzurschina begins breaking dishes, and then he suddenly "blown out": he laughs at his behavior, asks for forgiveness and "does not understand that this is it found? ". People understand one thing: he knows about the problem and is willing to make themselves appear wrong. Worry about his hurt pride is not worth it, he will remember it and recoup after a tenfold.

There is such a feature is very persuasive ladies: despots and tyrants try as quickly as possible to move out, to legitimize the relationship. And the woman throws herself into this maelstrom, although hindsight surprised: like a little time and passed, and if it is fair, he senses something is not demonstrated such. Everything is very simple: the tyrant is afraid to break in "international waters", and in it a full family life, the master of his undivided half - so dictates his sore perception of reality.

Not to become a hostage of the tyrant, do not overestimate yourself, no feelings for him, not the patience not fix those things should work psychotherapists than one year. Therefore, the most correct course - to terminate this relationship and the sooner the better.

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