How to persuade a man to marry

How to persuade a man to marry
 The relationship between man and woman full of difficulties. One of them - the unwillingness of the stronger sex to limit their freedom of a stamp in the passport. Persuade a man to marriage is only possible in the case of his love for you, otherwise you have to experience great disappointment.
 Marriage for men - the hard part, which is difficult to decide. For him it means to lose freedom forever close the door to a world of pleasure and stay forever with a single woman. Of course, talking about it out loud, not all, but psychologically wedding perceived that way.

Women living for years in a civil marriage with such half-hearted guys, ready to take control of their destiny and are looking for ways to convince and persuade his beloved to a marriage proposal. The only thing worth remembering - a wedding with a man who did not want her in the near future will result in divorce. Therefore, beware of what is behind the slowness of men, and if there are no contraindications to marriage, get down to business.

First, you need to show the chosen, that you will not hang on it and restrict freedom of movement. It will have to work on yourself. Fill your life with vivid events, start to learn languages, sign up for dancing and the gym. In an effort to look their best to consult your stylist and change the image. In other words, become independent of him and his affairs, often go out into the community with friends and do not hold the man every night. What is your favorite certainly aware that such a lovely lady could be taken away. Play hunter instinct, and you get a long-awaited ring.

Organize joint life, fill the house cosiness. When choosing a wife men rely on its ability to housekeeping, so try to give him what he wants. Clean house, great food, free space for his hobbies - all this will make him happy within your own home. Expression of thanks for such an atmosphere is likely to be a proposal to live together for life.

Remember Diversity in bed. Sex - an important part of the relationship, but over the years we spent together, it becomes boring. Do not let a man think that marriage will conclude with you a pleasant stay in the bedroom.

Try to minimize, and generally better to stop all talk about marriage and wedding. Persistence in this matter will lead to the collapse of your dreams, and the man will become more irritable. Stop require him to marriage proposals, Naladte his personal life, did not dwell on the beloved. This approach will show his true intentions towards you.

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