How to hint to him about the date

How to hint to him about the date
 Men do not always dare ask a girl out on a date. They are not sure that you really want to meet them. In such cases, you can somehow push the favorite to take this step.
 If you see that young people can not find a suitable pretext for the next meeting, take the initiative in their hands. You have to push it, but this must be done very carefully. After all, a man must have thought that the initiative comes from him, then he will feel strong and confident.

First you need to understand the interests of the young person. Certainly during the evening he told you, he loves to play tennis, or visit the bowling alley. Hearing of his exploits, do admiring face, and then, a little depressed, tell me what has long dreamed of learning to hold the racket or throwing balls. The idea, he immediately has to offer you our help in training. And you ask not to postpone indefinitely lessons and meet next weekend. The man remains confident that it was he invited you.

Can also ask whether he watched a sensational movie and what his impressions. If you say that has not had time, respond with surprise, that you too have been very busy. But in the first weekend were going to go to the cinema. Maybe he would offer to make the company?

If you see that the guy is not bad, but it is very indecisive, then just take the initiative in their hands. Tell me when we parted, that it was very interesting and fun. Tell us what you need for a weekend trip to the country for some little thing. Encourage your child to keep you company.

 If you are familiar with and communicate with your friends, you need to show a guy that you are interested in them. Try to be as close as possible to him, asking questions or telling something, look at it. That's it, ask for help, if you need something to move or lift. Then thank the look in his eyes, smile. So it will interest you, pay attention to themselves. Tie a simple conversation, hold it next to him. He feels your attention and it will have an interest. To support him, talk about any personal moments of life: tell where learning than fond. Ask about it. Make it so that he wanted to continue talking. If he offers to take you, it means you are interested in it, and you have a chance to go out with him.

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