How do you know that he lost interest to you

How do you know that he lost interest to you
 You meet for a long time, friends and family are accustomed to perceive you as a perfect pair, but lately something goes wrong. You think that your favorite changed recently and the reason for that - you. He fell out of love? Or maybe he has a lot of work or problems with their parents. How do you know he lost interest to you or is it just your imagination?
 He strongly criticizes you

Analyze the behavior of your men. If he often you criticize - it is an alarming sign. Previously, he had no problems bringing breakfast in bed, and on weekends you always dined at the restaurant, and he saw your inability to cook sweet trifle. And now he is constantly grumbling that you even can not make an omelette, and he end up being because you have an ulcer. Hints that you have recovered. To put it bluntly, it is time to change jobs at more prestigious and lucrative. In general, in recent years have appeared unimaginable number of drawbacks. Perhaps it is worth learning how to cook at least a couple of dishes to delight your favorite occasionally. It may be worth going on a diet. And maybe you should not continue to tolerate all of the claims? If the man lost interest to you, how would not have tried to change grievance is always there.

You have become a rare talk

If before you could talk for hours, where you go on vacation, what breed of dog should start and with whom to celebrate the New Year, it is now your man remained silent and said that he had no time to talk. "Maybe another time. Let's postpone this conversation. I do not care, do as you please. " If these phrases have become all too often sound in your home, it is a sure sign that he is not interested to you.

You little time to spend together

Your partner were too many things that do not require your participation. It does not take you to a party with her friends. Not persuaded to go along with him in the pool. Recorded on the Japanese language courses, which take place four nights a week and do not even ask, would you like to do too Japanese. He developed new hobbies, and in his new life, you have less space. Maybe you yourself gave him to understand that his interests have little concern? But there is another option - it is better without you.

Sex has become boring and rare

He shrugs a lot of time at the computer or watching TV, and offers to sleep without it. Sex was like a compulsory exercise, rather than passionate bed sketches. If you previously were both full of desire to have sex at any time, and even the most unfit for lovemaking places, now you hardly remember, but when making love for the last time. Maybe your favorite health problems. Or you just do not call him the desire.

Before you jump to conclusions about lost love, talk to your man. Why speculate on the daisy, listen to the tone of voice, and check his phone? Call it a frank conversation and find out the truth. Whatever it is.

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