As determined by the man that he is in love

As determined by the man that he is in love
 Woman, feel the signs of attention from men, I want to know: is he really feels for her love or is it a passing or non-binding interest. Count on the fact that he openly "reveals the soul" in most cases is not necessary, especially if admirer reserved and shy by nature. And where is the guarantee that it will be quite frank?
 A man so constituted that he wants to see as much as possible the object of his love dreams. He is absolutely necessary. Therefore, if a man is often accidentally gets into your field of vision, under all sorts of pretexts if trying to spill over to you at least a couple of words, or drawn into the conversation, then you obviously care about him.

The same applies to other types of contact. Phone calls, emails, text messages. If they literally fell, coming much more frequently than from someone else, the conclusion is of itself.

Remember that men for the most part are very conservative, besides paying their appearance much less time and attention than the weaker sex (for obvious reasons). If they drastically change their habits in this respect, it has to happen something extraordinary. Therefore, if a man, to provide you with favors, suddenly began to perk - began carefully to dress nice to tie a tie (although I could not stand him), use perfume, made a neat hairstyle - most likely, he tries to make a good impression on you. And he did so if he did not care what you think of his appearance? Hardly.

If he tries as much as possible to provide you with even small signs of attention - to hold the door in front of you to say compliment to present a box of chocolates or a bouquet of flowers, to offer help in anything - is a clear indication of his feelings.

Finally, remember that any, even the most modest and quiet man, there is pride. And some of the things on the part of women, it is often perceived very painful. For example, jokes, "jokes." If it allows you to do so - in his senses can not even doubt you really love.

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