Arts shoot eyes

Arts shoot eyes
 Mighty art "fire" is in the eyes of the women's arsenal of seduction for centuries and not by chance is one of the most effective techniques. Thanks to him, a woman is able to make a real hunt for the elect, while outwardly remaining within the strict decorum. After all, even the most daring and seductive look can not be blamed his owner.

In most cultures, women have traditionally been viewed as a passive side, which ought not to be excessive activity when choosing a partner. Explicit expressions of interest, the first attempt to start a conversation and become acquainted perceived as indecent obsession and convicted. But who said that the playful dialogue can not be conducted with his eyes? And this is the art of women succeeded magnificently.

Even in the nineteenth century caring mama taught their daughters of marriageable age cherished formula "in the corner - on the nose - on the subject," which was supposed to provide them with an interested man's attention. After all, what could be more attractive than the crafty, intriguing look because of the fan in conjunction with the general appearance of modesty and inaccessibility. Modern manners are much more free and no one will judge a woman in the habit of tying a conversation first. However, even today teasing flirtation eyes remains a favorite ploy innate temptresses.

Ways to flirt eyes a lot. Among them are those that fit completely confident winner, and those that are available for a modest, shy by nature women. Psychologists who study the art of communication and flirting, believe that to attract the attention of particular importance is the duration of eye contact. Quickly withdrawn facie evidence of the lack of interest in the opportunity to meet a man. Long extending 6-7 seconds, eye contact, on the contrary, is capable of producing real "short circuit" in the hearts of people. Which view optimal duration in each case depends on the choice of a woman and her character.

If she is confident and feels irresistible, maintain eye contact for more than 5 seconds is not difficult. And surely such expressive eyes will attract the attention of interested men. But for sensitive, shy woman, it can be psychologically difficult. For it may be preferable to a series of short, quick look at the selected object. On the one hand, so it will be able to demonstrate their interest, and on the other - will show his shyness and delicacy.

No less spectacular reception is teasing game eyes while walking or riding. In this case, you need to look directly into the eyes of a man for a couple of seconds, and then turn the face slightly to the side, while maintaining eye contact, and then quietly look away. This creates the illusion of attraction.

Magnificent in its effectiveness ploy is "Scorching opinion." For this technique to represent on the face of heightened emotion, as if overflowing to the brim with feelings of happiness, anticipation and joy. Take a look into the face of a man with an expression of deep interest and deter internal energy, then easily restrained smile and quietly look away.

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