A real man: who is he?

A real man: who is he?
 Myths about the true courage and nobility, strength and justice are the foundation of the heroic ballads since ancient times. But today the submission of a real man does not change much, and the ideal image, as before, continues to excite women's hearts.

Indeed, the current interpretation of the character is still inextricably linked with the eternal moral values, and in our view a real man never transgresses the moral norms and is an example of genuine integrity. Of course, attached to this courage and determination, self-confidence and willingness to help the needy. Fortunately, modern women almost do not mind some of the implausibility of the fictional image of this man dreams of to visit with a very young age.

However, in this age of refraction views and a shift in emphasis would be pretty naive to stick to almost medieval representations of a real man as a hero with a gleaming sword, defender of the poor and oppressed. In addition, today became too strong craving to consider almost every aspect of life through the prism of wealth. So do not be surprised if the real man in this presentation certainly rich and well-being. Such a person turn their capitals, led by large companies that successfully operates through education, skill and iron will of its owner.

But three times wrong will be the one who accuses modern women in greed and selfish intentions. In fact, financial security man so attractive to the female presence was not crisp packets of banknotes. Just such men and behave appropriately, showing unwavering self-confidence, self-control, efficiency and strength of character, which generally conforms to the recognized features of a real man.

And let such a person is rather flexible in matters of legislation, let his public position, so to speak, is elastic, but shrewd feminine look always catch his hidden strength, determination and firmness. After all, the real man in a woman's understanding - it is also a tower of strength, and in his strong arms so nice to feel their weakness and vulnerability.

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