9 facts about asexuality

 Asexuals, being among proseksualno minded people often feel defective and insecure. Therefore, they have to hide their asexuality from others and even family and friends. In fact, few people know that asexuality - is not a pathology, but quite normal.

1.Ofitsialnym definition of asexuality is a complete lack of sexual desire. In fact, this phenomenon is little studied, and scientists believe that it is common as well, such as homosexuality.

2.Aseksualnost is not an option. Do not confuse this concept with the vow of celibacy, man receives absolutely consciously. The monks take a vow of celibacy, but they need to keep their desires.

3.Aseksualnost - this orientation as heterosexual or homosexual, that does not imply a positive or negative view of sex.

5.not rights one who believes that asexual people do not masturbate. Persons belonging to this group are engaged in self-satisfaction. He just has no desire to engage in sexual relations with a partner.

6.Aseksualnye people can fall in love, they do not just need to express their feelings through intimacy.

7.Po scale known sexologist Kinsey Group asexual people was 1, 5% of the male population.

8.Aseksualnost - a phenomenon that is not associated with a desire or a desire to have children. Most of the people belonging to this category shall enter into sexual relations for procreation.

9.Nekotorye people believe that asexuality - a definition of sexual disorder. In some cases, yes, abstaining from sex can be motivated by this cause, but in general, modern medicine says that asexuality - is not a pathology, and without prejudice to any physical or mental health of a person.

And in the end, we note that asexual people have always been a little bit, but they occur at every stage of human civilization, in every society, in this group there are also famous people - writers, scientists, composers, military, artists and so on.

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