Worth to refuse a man for sex

Worth to refuse a man for sex
 Sex is good for health of women. He prolongs youth, charges the positive energy, prevents the development of many diseases. But there are reasons why a woman is better to abandon sex. Because in such cases, the sex will bring joy and pleasure, and takes only unpleasant and painful sensations.

Infectious diseases.
It is better to refuse a man in sex and rule out sex as long as you do not cure genital infections. Even with such common female ailment, as thrush, gynecologists strongly recommend that a sexual rest until complete recovery. When genital infections sexual contact is unpleasant and painful sensations in a woman.

Disclaimer male condom use.
Contraception - is the key to preserving women's health, as well as protection against unwanted pregnancy. If the partner refuses to use a condom at all, it is necessary to deny him sex. The first thing to take care not to satisfy their desires, and health, which is to restore a woman is sometimes difficult and costly.

During pregnancy, there is a contraindication for sex. Habitual miscarriage, bleeding from the vagina, later in pregnancy - in these and other anxiety symptoms, your doctor may prescribe a complete sexual rest.

Critical days.
During menstruation should refuse a man for sex to preserve their health. During this period, the female body is weakened. Any bacteria trapped in the vagina, can penetrate deep into the internal organs and cause various diseases.

Sex on the first day of our acquaintance.
If you are just looking for a man, and you broke out between the spark of passion, it does not mean you have to rush into the pool with his head, and on the same night sex with him. Proven that having sex with a woman is easily accessible, no big strong man of pleasure. A woman does not need to win, which means that a man is not interesting continuation of relations.

Moral offense.
If you had a fight with a strong partner, refuse him sex. Feeling hurt, you will not be able to relax and have fun. First is to reconcile and forgive the chosen one, and then to indulge in violent affection.

You do not want sex.
Do not make yourself go to bed with a man in bed, if you are not set up to caress and just want to relax. Sex will not bring pleasure, and take only discomfort, or if you want to sleep exhausted. It is better to refuse a man in sex for the sake of recreation.

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