What is love?

What is love?
 Yes, that's such a direct and seemingly doomed to failure to respond the question I want to ask today. What is love?
Love - a product of civilization. Only highly developed beings can live this feeling can have it in your soul, able to carry through life.

What are the components of love can be distinguished?

 Firstly, physiological, because love - this is primarily a basis for the implementation of the basic instinct. Yes, no matter how banal and sad as it may sound, love - this is the first instinct of procreation, this is the result we want to obtain from nature, when giving the opportunity to experience this feeling. What is the chemistry of love? That is exactly - what hormones (and those are many) come to us in the blood when we are in love?
It all starts with the hormone of sexual desire - testosterone, which is contrary to the stereotype, stands out not only for men but also for women. Yes, that's it - a high sense of light and begins with sexual desire. Behind him in the blood is thrown lyuliberin, which provides us the thirst of mutual touching and fondling. And it works again upon us Mother Nature. And then we begin to flutter with joy, we are ready to move mountains and cross the ocean, and all because the body is already saturated dopamine and norepinephrine, which cause a burst of energy. And of course endorphins - so far without them? Hormones of joy and happiness accompany us the whole period of love and do not leave even when we cease to walk stiff legs with excitement at the sight of the object of sympathy - because the feeling of tranquility and harmony does not leave us as long as we are close to a person who dear to us.
And because of this hormonal cocktail we begin to see everything exclusively in pink - including our partner. We do not see its flaws, and if they notice obvious punctures, it only touches them. But sooner or later the action of hormones ends and pink slides burst. What then - inevitably disappointed? Not at all. After all, as long as we're together, our body releases oxytocin - the hormone of attachment. And love turns into love.

can be isolated and psychological component of love

. How do we choose each other? My father left the family when I was about two years. Since then, I have not seen it practically, he only sent birthday presents and New Year. And then I fell in love for the first time. Suffered, suffered, but not on it. A few years after we broke up, I found a picture of his father (I confess honestly, would meet on the street - do not know) and was surprised to find that the person in the photograph 20 years ago (in the day when my mom with me in the envelope was discharged from the hospital) and my first love - the same person! They were like even shirts, not to mention the facial features, hair style, manners.
And no wonder, because psychologists agree that the choice of a life partner, we build on the very first feeling that experienced in life - feeling unaccountable absolute love for parents. In the first place, of course, to his mother, but with age, girls begin to pay more attention and his relationship with his father. And that it eventually became the prototype of the future elect.
Happy couples often describe the moment of his first meeting as instant recognition: Future in love with the very first moment understand that it is the man for them. This is not a romantic word - recognition really happens when a random person we see the traits of our parents. Those features, which we no longer remember, but our subconscious keeps them and pulls out the light at the right moment.
And then you meet a person. And something in it seems incredible family, friends and acquaintances - gestures, voice, posture, habits, habits - and all of a sudden you become vital. Because in it you begin to see themselves - a sense of identity and a deep love becomes the catalyst.
Sometimes we choose our complete copy of: the one who looks like us in all things (principles of life, past and look to the future and even appearance). This autoerotic love, narcissistic. And sometimes we love those who are our complete opposite, and in this case the favorite complements us, gives us something in ourselves is not, what we need and what we can not get on their own.

What is the joy of love?

 Do you remember that feeling of absolute harmony and tranquility, which remained as a child? When there is no past and no future, there is only the present, the most important of which (even if the problems apparently insignificant) there is nothing in the world. Lovers cease to reflect, and hence completely overlook the reality, though in his - ideal reality. We suddenly again, as in childhood, we begin to love the world, the people around and ourselves - and everything falls into place!
So lovers live in that state they have found their ideal, absolute perfection and nothing else in this life, they do not need. But do not think that their idealized world - it's bad. Remember how do you feel when you are loved unconditional love when you take for who you really are. As far as feeling affects your success! It just inspires, reveals all your options. And not only reveals idealization, but also creates your partner - are his hidden potentials that have not yet found expression in reality, suddenly pulled out outside. And by the way do not forget - not only are you in it, but it stimulates you in most of your best qualities.
And at the end I would like to remind you of Dostoevsky phrase: "Love - is to see man as God intended it." Look deeper.

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