What is important in a relationship

What is important in a relationship
 What you need to build a strong relationship? Of course, love. It helps to be together in sorrow and joy, to overcome difficulties and life's troubles. However, many men and women, from the burning feelings in the beginning of a relationship, yet separate. The most important thing is not only love each other, but to be able to express their emotions obvious way a partner.  

Speak the same language. A typical female mistake - wait until the "guess myself." Although all have long known that men are absolutely immune to thin and even a clear allusion. Therefore, if a loved something you offended or upset, tell him about it directly, rather than withdraw into themselves and banging pots and pans in the kitchen, hoping that a man dies for the wall of guilt. He probably did not even notice that crossed the line. Stick to the same tactics, expressing their desires or requests. The clearer and clearer you formulate the task, the greater the likelihood that it will be executed.

Take your loved one for what it is. No wonder unmarried guys scare future family life "under the thumb". After all, the former bride often become dissatisfied wives, constantly criticizing her husband. Look closely at his favorite. If you can put up with his habits, lifestyle, attitude to life? The man - not a dress that buy in the hope to alter the figure, so if you're hoping that he will change, it is better to look for another partner.

Make gifts. If you think that a gift - it is something very expensive and extensive, so pleases lover only during the holidays, it's time to change your point of view. My favorite candy, the provisions in the pocket of his jacket (yes, you know something that he likes sweet), a CD with a good movie or a card with a gentle recognition will help qualitatively change your relationship. Do not expect surprises from the beloved, arrange them yourself. Unpredictability and originality - your trump card.

Love sex. The ability to receive and give pleasure extremely important for the development of full-fledged relations. Remember that failure in the vicinity can be interpreted as a sign of lack of refrigeration and old feelings. If you do not know whether to spend the time to prepare elegant dinner or spend it in bed with a loved one, a quick fire eggs, you should choose the second option. Although about the relationship of the male heart and stomach forget not worth it.

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