What if love is not mutual

What if love is not mutual
 Love - a wonderful feeling. Since her arrival world becomes brighter, a soul full of light, joy. But if your sense of unrequited, everything changes. Joy turns into gloom, and not light - gloom. What to do in such a case, how to get out of the depths of despair?
 It would seem that the first thing to do - to try to get rid of an unhappy love affair. But is it worth it? After all, love - it is a gift, a miracle, given it is not all in and of itself is not unhappy. This makes it your wrong attitude.

Yes, the hurt and pain that the beloved is not responsible to you in return that does not assess your high and deep feelings. But it was not at fault, Lawless Heart. And ugly require reciprocal feelings, seek their crook because of selfishness, consumer attitude in life. Respect not only his identity, but the identity of the object of your passion.

Although, if nothing prevents you to deal with the subject of sighs, preserve and develop friendships - do it. It is possible that to know you better, having considered the merits, the positive side, the beloved starts to show a special interest to you, his heart tremble. Even if you love it does not flash, good, good attitude will be enough to create a union.

If the situation can not be changed, change the attitude towards it. You love sincerely, truly, utterly wanting good health, happiness object of your feelings? That'S Great. Gives him a love mentally, at a distance, thanks for what he has given you the opportunity to experience this magical feeling.

With heart filled with love, man is capable of anything. Do not lock your feelings, emotions and the key to implement them in full. You may want to bring love in the works: poetry, music, painting. In a state of love all the more acute, comprehensive, richer. Read, go to the theater, just observe life for its amenities. Communicate with others - not as a poor victim of non-reciprocity, and as a happy, talented people the light of love. Give people the light - and you would reciprocate.

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