That a man is looking for in a marriage?

That a man is looking for in a marriage?
 Two different worlds - the world of women and the world of men - often use some terms, but fill them with different values. This only reinforces the confusion: people think that they are saying one thing, in fact they mean completely different things. A typical example was the process of starting a family, marriage. Men and women understand this quite differently.  

If you believe yourself to women, most of them use marriage to achieve very specific goals. If a woman is identified with a certain sign of family stability (legal confirmation for them has tremendous power), the men are looking for only three simple things.

Period romantic relationships is often associated with a complete negation of the possible disadvantages and advantages of exaltation. Lovers only see the positive side, oblivious to the negative. For some reason men believe that the bride behaves before the wedding, the marriage with the situation does not change. In other words, they want to stay with a man who does not try to change them. However, they are likely to be disappointed: first, a period romance passes and what had not noticed before, begins to bulge. Second, open some new quality partners associated with household preferences. And if they are not satisfied with a woman, with a high probability it will start to try to rebuild the usual young man lifestyle. So men hope that the marriage no one will try to change them, usually not justified.

Oddly enough, the men say that they are looking for in a marriage companion. But talk to men means something entirely different than for women. This is not a transfusion from a sieve gossip and rumors, not to discuss the most inopportune moment everyday problems not listed difficulties and discussion banal details.

The fact that representatives of the stronger sex are usually more closed than women. Even going by their companies, they rarely go to talk beyond a certain range of common interests. Women can affect in their conversations all topics, including work, family. Men do not do that. And it turns out that only a wife can be a person with whom you can share your problems. She will listen, ask questions, try to understand the situation and may even give advice.

Wise ladies realize that we must first listen to a man, and only then, if he can find the strength and desire to tell him about his affairs. After all, she sure there are other students, but for him it is the only outlet.

Finally, the third thing men look for in a marriage - it is an opportunity to feel like a hero. And perhaps this is what ladies understand best. They have a terrific gift to transform virtually any act of his beloved in a heroic act, and make it so that he sincerely believes in it. How do they do it? The answer is simple: the right words it tells love.

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