Rules: how to find love

Rules: how to find love
 In our time to talk about love has become very fashionable. On the TV screens we are constantly told how to build relationships, how to find true love and even how to get married. On the one hand, such an abundance of information, of course, is good, but on the other - the constant talk of love leads to the fact that in the end one can not find it. It is therefore important to understand the rules that will help to look at the world in a new way and find their soul mate.

Rule №1. Paradoxical as it sounds, but if you really want to find love, you must not think about it. Forget it. Try to treat love as something it is not necessary in your life. For example, as a trip to the cinema or theater, where would you like to go, as there are interesting movie or a play, but do not have this capability. Try to banish thoughts of love by the wayside. Well, not to be tempted to dream about an hour or two of romantic love, take my thoughts with something useful. Plunge headlong into the sphere, which is the most interesting for you. For example, take up the study of a foreign language or get your hands on the art of photography and photoshop.

Rule №2. Do not forget that you live in the real world, and the love that is most often shown in films, described in the book - it's just a figment of the imagination of the authors. It is known that the attraction of minds generates respect, attraction shower leads to friendship, attraction of bodies ignites passion, and all together creates love. But really to find a love that would have all three of these components is almost impossible. So do not waste your valuable time searching for ideal love, but rather look around you: perhaps an ordinary earthly love somewhere already walks beside you.

Rule №3. This last rule, which states that if you, in spite of the first two points, yet met the love, do not miss it. As another such opportunity may not be presented at all anymore in your life.

Lastly, I want to add that love can not only beautify, but also significantly change our lives. There is nothing in the world more than the memories of the boundless generosity and unconditional love. So do not be afraid to let her into his heart and soul. After the miracle of love and is to give herself completely to this feeling, not expecting to receive something in return. Love - is a sacrament, what is happening in our souls and hearts, so do not try to understand it and just accept.

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