Quarrel over nothing: how to stop?

Quarrel over nothing: how to stop?
 Conflict often arises from scratch. Erupted on insignificant squabble threatens to cause a real scandal. How to stop in time and stop the quarrel over trifles?
 As recognition of each other accumulate mutual irritation. Touches before the little things like left on the nightstand comb or carelessly thrown on a chair sweaters, begin to cause a desire to express what you think about his chosen one. Stop, do not rush to assess the level of education of a loved one. Everyone has certain habits, formed character and life experience. So do not expect from a partner to it exactly fulfilled your rules.

If irritating factors in family life is becoming more, deter constant dissatisfaction is very difficult. Little things accumulate, grow like a snowball. In the end, it threatens global catastrophe, the collapse of a love relationship. It is better to start peace talks and seek a compromise solution. Just try to talk in hushed tones, quietly. Remember that you discuss your problem and you want to avoid conflict, rather than start a new quarrel.

Live in harmony is not tantamount to a complete unanimity, which is hardly achievable in everyday life. And you do not have to constantly disagree with his betrothed on all issues. Learn to negotiate, argue, trying not to be reminded of past blunders of his opponent. Defending the personal point of view, take an objective response, do not rush to take offense at every careless word.

Make a habit of regularly go to the gym, swimming pool. Joint leisure will throw out the accumulated energy and give positive emotions. Soon you will see that the quarrel was much smaller. Annoying factors you have not gone away, but now much easier tolerated. With cordial relations and mutual respect, any problem is solved easily and quickly, without developing into a quarrel.

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