Memories of first love

Memories of first love
 First love is remembered for all the people. Neither man nor woman can not forget the man who made their hearts beat faster. Regardless of what your story is over, leaving only light and warm memories from which someone gets in my throat and tears rolled.

In most cases, the first love remains unrequited. At first, people suffer, but over time, new hobbies, and this feeling slowly passes. If the favorite reciprocated, many people simply lose their heads. They did not see or hear anyone around, focusing on the man. In this situation, frequent bitter disappointment and painful experiences, which for a long time life miserable.

Psychologists say that first love can lay the foundation of future relations. For many, this is just a warm-up, training, during which they test their strength. Falling in love for the first time, one can hardly decide what to do and how to behave. All this is compounded by puberty, as It is at this period falls the first strong feelings.

As soon as the young couple is faced with the first difficulties, there is no end in tears. Partners is difficult to understand each other, it is difficult to forgive and virtually impossible to compromise. First Love confronts two characters, two of pride, two aspirations for independence. It is important that the human psyche has withstood the test. In the future, after all still be romantic feelings, affection and even love.

No one doubts that our lives are still possible miracle stories of young people who were able to maintain their first love and carry it through many years of being in the status of husband and wife. Such couples especially nice to watch, when they remember a time when feelings were still maturing, and every day brings something new.

In life, many people have a lot of things that happen for the first time: the first step, first word, first class, the first two, first date, first salary, etc. This is the list are endless. Only here the memories of these things dull, erased from our memory, and some disappear forever. In contrast, the memory of first love will be with you for life.

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