How to kill love

How to kill love
 The man who does not know the feeling of true love can not be truly happy. Experience love - that's fine, especially if it is mutual. But it often happens that a relationship ends, and to heal the emotional wounds, you must try to kill the love in yourself.

When it becomes clear that to go on living with his half is not possible, you need to suck it up and configure itself for the best. First of all, get rid of the desire to take revenge on his half, cause jealousy or some way to ruin a life. Such behavior will not be better than anyone, so only accept the end of their love story.

Do not give up eating, and do not spend all day lying on the bed in the doldrums. If you fall into depression, but their memories and sad thoughts in my head nothing will happen. Of course, none of this will help heal your emotional wounds. Take a walk down the street, look at what is happening around. Maybe while walking you realize that life goes on, and be sure to come will be a new love that will warm your soul.

That are quietly kill the sense of past love, try to escape. You can do what he likes, immerse yourself in a job or a hobby. In this case, the head is constantly busy and will not have time to sad memories and reflections.

It is important to let the person to whom the feelings were not keeping it evil and resentment. Perhaps it will be hard to do, but very necessary. Kill the feeling of love and forget the beloved is much easier when you do not hold it hurt. Do not hoard in their souls anger, self-pity. Let the heart will only gratitude and good. You must convince yourself that in your heart there is only a sense of gratitude to those who once gave such a great feeling of love.

When pity for his own person will be less strong, you can start looking for a new partner. In search of a new love, you will gradually forget all the old feelings and resentment. New emotions, feelings and impressions help extinguish the old love. Most importantly - constant smile and good luck will be with you all the time.

It is important to believe that a new life will bring you a new love that will make you truly happy.

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