How to get rid of love to a guy

How to get rid of love to a guy
 Love - this is one of the most beautiful feelings that inspires people and gives happiness and joy. Mutual love makes us think about how long you can keep the lightness and euphoria, but when it is associated with the concept of "unrequited", there is only one question: how to get rid of it?
 The biggest mistake women is that they are trying to convince themselves by self-hypnosis that they forgot the guy that they do not need it. There is a completely opposite reaction every time scrolling in the head with a young man, they thereby give yourself installation remember it as if zombiruya yourself. It's stupid and pointless. You just need to escape from these obsessive thoughts. Change of activity. Enroll in a fitness center. Follow exhausting exercise. Squatting with a barbell or running on the track, not the first ten kilometers, thoughts just will not focus on the subject of your desire. If you are tired of the exercise, practice music, dancing, painting. In short, do not leave yourself even one free minute for reflection. If your love for him is strong and knows no boundaries, it is possible to go to drastic measures: change jobs, relocate or even take a vacation and go soak up the sun.

Do not focus on the former. On planet Earth there are many smart, interesting and attractive men. And believe me: your ex is not the best among them, why flirt, flirt, go out on dates. In this case, the important thing is not the quality and quantity. The more men will surround you, the better. First, you get a lot of new, bright and different emotions, and secondly, you may be able to find a worthy replacement for your unrequited love.

When falling in love with a man, it seems perfect. Try to find flaws in it - they clearly are, it is only necessary to recall all the details of your relationship. Perhaps there was something small, what you close your eyes, but you is wildly irritated. Remember Anna Karenina - she hated how to move the ears of her husband when he trapeznichayut. Write down all of its minuses on paper and read them every day, and if still emerge defects, be sure to add to the list.

There is a wonderful technique - treatment persistence. If you are missing your favorite, then surround yourself with them. Hang around the apartment of his photos, record voice on the tape recorder and listen to every possible minute. Give your imagination run wild: surround yourself with it things or things that he ever had the imprudence to take over. You'll see - he'll soon get bored, it would be too much in your world.

Whatever it was, remember that you are worthy of love. Why spend your valuable time on a man who did not appreciate you? After some time you will understand that foolishly spent years to get back what should never belong to you.

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