How to build a relationship, if a man under

How to build a relationship, if a man under
 He - man-ideal in a relationship there is complete understanding, everything is just fine. One "but" - you greatly confused by the difference in age. If the partner was older, he would dwell in you confidence in the future and stability. But the beloved younger than you. And you do not know how to build relationships, how to learn to understand him and for him to be interesting ...
 If the beloved younger than you have to make certain concessions in the relationship. You are not ready to concede partner and make allowances for age? Then it is better to terminate existing relationships or not to start at all - by refusing to take a partner for what it is, sooner or later lead to a painful parting.

Do not force it. A young man may be morally not ready for full-fledged relations, to realize the seriousness of their own intentions, to live together and logical transition to a new stage of relations, called marriage. Man fluctuates constantly changes his outlook, he himself alludes to further development of relations, says he is still too young to deep feelings. His indecision and hesitant attitude towards you it irritates and causes discomfort. Visceral reaction to it becomes an attempt to force the partner to take action. Young guy is scared and provoke rupture of relations. So give it time to understand their own feelings and mature for competent expression of their desires.

Always keep his sexual interest. For a young sex partner - perhaps the most important manifestation of love. Beautiful lingerie, soft music, candles - a man younger than himself must constantly win. He will love the change of sexual entourage. Try to have sex in the dressing room, shower stall or the Ferris wheel. The sexual tension in such a relationship must be constantly maintained at the proper level - every day and every minute. Take care of yourself. Exquisite makeup, manicure, clothes, tasteful deprive your partner even thought of treason with the same age.

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