How do you know the person is lying or not

How do you know the person is lying or not
 Anyone wants to be told the truth, not dodged and not misleading. However, as the diagnostician of the popular television series, all lying. So you should learn to recognize the liar by his facial expressions, gestures, tone of voice and other nonverbal signs.  
 Pay attention to the position that occupies your partner towards you. A man who lies, will try to hide from you. Maybe your opponent sitting on a chair, almost slipped under the table, or trying to get a shirt out of the closet, almost hiding it completely. If you are sitting at the table across from each other, a liar may attempt to dissociate itself from you, putting between you book, apple, put a cup of tea.

Emotions and gestures liar may contradict each other. For example, a person says that he is confident in his words, but his face at the same time may be surprised and scattered. Or your partner says that he agrees with you, shaking his head at the same time in a negative gesture. Also, if violently gesticulating man stopped for a moment, waving his arms, he probably thought about what he should lie on.

Responding to a question, a liar willing to use your own words: - That you broke my favorite dish? - It is not I broke your favorite cup! Or, on the contrary, his answer will be very short: - No!

There is a myth that a person who tells lies, avoids eye contact companion. In fact, so do only small children. An adult who knows how to control himself and to control their emotions, will look into the eyes of your opponent in order to understand, believe it or not that.

Liar will give an unnatural tone of voice. He can answer too loud, unsuitable environment, or on the contrary, speak in a low monotone voice, to lull the attention of the interlocutor. Liar will raise or lower the tone of voice in those places where it would be illogical.

If you decide that the other person is lying, change the subject. Liar overjoyed translation topics and calm and honest man would be to insist that you come back and ended the conversation.

Of course, neither of these features per se does not indicate what the other person is lying. You need to compare them with the normal behavior of your friend and make the right conclusion.

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