Why a man leaves the family

Why a man leaves the family
 Know why a man leaves, or it may take, want not only those women who have a family falling apart, but also those who have now all right, because forewarned is forearmed. No matter how happy family, many deep down fear that at some point all could collapse. But nothing is being done for a reason, and if a man goes, then it has objective reasons.

Men, like women, the vast majority of conservatives. They do not like something radically change in your life, because every significant change means a lot of stress, fracture, destruction of what was once so painstakingly built. Family - is for most men really important. Even if they give birth to an affair on the side, as a rule, it is not the desire to get rid of the family, and a kind of conquering new heights.

If, however, it happens that a man leaves the family of the woman he loved, which is likely, moreover, raises his children, the most common reason is that it does not allow him to grow and develop. Most likely, it turned out that the family had a situation of stagnation, when a man is too much to patronize the woman his every move is being closely monitored, and only care that it is surrounded, and all deserve a separate discussion.

At the same time, concern is not limited. Being placed in a kind of "greenhouse", a man gets used to it and eventually begins to follow the instructions of the woman already, do what she tells him: go to the store, take out the trash, buy a car, not to risk change jobs and so on. Over time, it becomes more and criticism: he is required to conform to the requirements of women, and if this does not happen, the man clearly expressed disapproval. The family of a woman in command of them, and if still at work things are not going quite smoothly, the man feels that he gets stuck in a swamp, losing freedom and independence.

The woman does not feel the happiness of such a provision. May start quarrels and scandals, depression reigning in the family, all deprived of joy. Stream, which flows to love, somewhere dry. Husband undergoes total control, he does not feel like a man. At this point he was ready to give up everything that is dear to him, but at the same weary and denies freedom to find yourself again.

An important indicator of the relationship - sex. Very often in families where the spouses have lost understanding, lost contact with each other, there is no sexual relationship. If this happens, the man soon finds another woman than to wrestle in search of the causes of the vagaries of the spouses.

When a woman complains and feels that it is not valued as if she would have liked, if she sees a problematic situation in the family and does not know how to solve it, it just continues to live in this situation. The man feels that he must somehow solve the problem, and the way out for him is to end the relationship. He goes and throws a family.

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