Inept lover. How to teach a man to make love

Inept lover. How to teach a man to make love
 In general, he is very good, most likely the favorite and most-most. But here's the thing: during sex is silent, as a partisan, not good with female breasts, and in general ... in bed so-so. Can I make inept lover star sex?

He considers a one-man sex. There are two possible extremes: either a man turns into a statue of a fallen soldier, lying on his back and waiting for you to take the initiative in their hands, or, conversely, actively wagging your body like a puppet, caring only about their own feelings. First is to understand the causes of such behavior. The first option is possible, if a man is very tired and his physical strength is not enough for acrobatic somersaults and active sex. However, it is quite possible that he was simply afraid to fall face in the dirt, to do anything wrong. In the second case, on the contrary, the lover probably trying to impress you with their superhuman in a bed area. It is not necessary to focus on the fact that the tactics you do not like. It is better to ask the next time switch roles.

Do not make a sound. Women are good at to encourage partner without words, moans, cries, expressive interjections and a passionate growl. But the stronger sex do not indulge lovers expressing their emotions. During sex from a loved one can hear only busy puffing, commands such as "Turn over! "," Get up like this! "And contented purr? Most likely, it's just hard to combine frequent frictions and talk, because there is running manhood, the brain is resting. In any case, openly tell me what you want to not only feel, but to hear it during intimacy. Maybe favorite just did not think about it.

Used for other purposes. For example, believes that caresses breasts resemble search for a station on the receiver, and twists her nipples in different directions. Or unpleasant licks his face. Or engaging in oral sex, looks askance and winks at all discouraging thoughts about sex. Only one way out: to teach by example. Show partner, as you can bring yourself pleasure. Then, taking his hand, show where, how and with what intensity you need to caress. The main thing - do not pretend to have fun when you actually do not really like the action of a lover.

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