Incomplete relationships: how to put an end

Incomplete relationships: how to put an end
 If after leaving you continue to meet, socialize and have used the opportunity to share with each other news or experiences - that such a relationship can not be regarded as complete. Internally, you just do not want to "let go" of man.
 To solve such problem, as soon as possible - a new relationship must "find" the way in your life, which is still blocked in the past. Girls tend to idealize the elect and empower him with such qualities, which he does not possess. Therefore, parting, she begins to mourn her, as she seems to missed opportunities - can not stop thinking about the man calls, and even thought does not admit the possibility of being with someone else. You need to determine what you really want - and look for the person who will be able to give you this. And most of all remember the shortcomings partner, let yourself get angry and throw out the offense - so your idealization slowly dissolve and disappear.

Hold former partner around, covering the need for it the expression "we are still good friends," you deceive others and themselves. If the initiative came from the men break, you are unlikely to return it so that it would be constantly reminded of its existence. Mutual separation is likely to have been caused by a lack of passion and really friendly relations, so before you go and discuss their new fan with ex-boyfriend, think - in his life will come when he will lead a new novel or marry. Then you are in a moment lose a friend and support. Leave a former lover in the past, and problems in his personal life, discuss with friends.

If a man left without explanation, that for some time the woman is his wait and hope for a speedy reunification. Take a look at the situation soberly - he will not return, but if it happens, it briefly. Try to survive the old relationship, go through the pain, hurt and suffering - you will feel better.

Standard time for completion ratio is six months - that during this time people get used to the new status, can come to terms with the loss, to experience their emotions. Measure yourself this time - during these six months will walk you through the loneliness in the memorable dates and holidays, get used to walk the same streets, visiting the same places where you've been together without aching longing. If the pain does not subside, then drop everything and leave the place where nothing will remind you of the past. New places and people can change your perception.

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