How to win a man-Cancer

How to win a man-Cancer
 Men born under the constellation of Cancer, able to charm women, even if you do not have a notable appearance, strong character and great intelligence. They are emotional, gullible, flexible, economic. In addition, the male crabs love children, they subconsciously set to harmonious family relationships. How did once and for all to win this cute, but vulnerable man?
 If you liked the man-Cancer, try to be feminine and unobtrusive. Cancers susceptible to smart and bright women who do not try to be the epicenter of attention. At heart, a man born under this constellation, is not confident in his masculinity that he really deserves to be around an attractive partner.

Generally Cancer loves female attention, but he prefers to be the main initiative in relations came from him. The task of women, consisting in a romantic connection with it, is to temper his character, to help him develop self-confidence. You must have this wisdom, life experience. That is why young people whose Sun at birth falls in the sign of Cancer, often fall in love with the more mature women. It's not just about the biological age, but also the psychological.

Male Cancers do not fall in love with feminists. For them, it is important that their favorite girl tried to create a family and having children. It should be a good housewife, who knows how to plan a budget, cook delicious and healthy meals, maintain cleanliness and order in the house.

Cancers do not tolerate lies, betrayal, adultery, abuse and constant battle. They also do not like to be bored with a woman. If you want to live my whole life with him, be prepared for independent thinking through your joint leisure. He was happy to go with you on a journey into nature, to visit friends. As a rule, he likes quiet and harmonious vacation deprived bustle, noise and large crowds. Become a Cancer for your creative organizer, and in return you get moral support, respect and loyalty.

In addition, for the stronger sex who were born under the sign of Cancer, important external beauty and sexuality of their partner. You are obliged to look after themselves, have their own style. It is dangerous to deny him sex and affection. If it will not be sexually satisfied by your side, it is possible that soon your site will take another young lady, have a passionate temperament.

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