How to strengthen the relationship with a guy

How to strengthen the relationship with a guy
 Unfortunately, not all relationships are the test of time. If you start to notice that your partner no longer feels for you such strong feelings as before, then you need to try to revive the fading love again and make your relationship strong and reliable.
 Naturally, in the beginning of your relationship, you just do not notice the shortcomings of your guy - then it seemed you perfect, and now some of his habits takes you out of yourself, which leads to conflict. If you really want to strengthen your union, do not try to re-educate your loved one. Try to come to terms with his habits if they are, of course, do not bring you much harm, and let your guy to be himself.

By cooling of relations in the pair often results in a desire to criticize a partner in the presence of friends, acquaintances or relatives. Your relationship will be stronger if you do not allow themselves such behavior. Conversely, when outsiders try as often as possible to emphasize the advantages of your men.

Will be easier to re-do your relationship happy and harmonious, if you like in the days of your first date, start making your guy small gifts and kind words to say. Do not wait for that special occasion - a souvenir, presented, for example, the day of his name-day, or even in the first day of summer rain, too, will contribute to the revival of romantic feelings.

To connect your hearts as tightly as possible, try to change your external image and if your man like women, for example, with the red hair color, turn red for a while, even if you are not quite this color goes. This act, of course, will not pass unnoticed - that you not only will demonstrate your desire to keep the second half of your couple, but in his eyes become even more attractive.

In order to achieve the desired goal, you definitely should openly discuss with the guy of your sexual relationship and find out everything that prevents you from being together. Try to make sure that your young man was very honest with you on this issue, because sex is very important in the life of man. If it turns out that he is not like something in your intimate life details Speak these issues and add to your sex life diversity and novelty.

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