How to stop being afraid of relationships

How to stop being afraid of relationships
 Who wants to spend my life alone? It is unlikely that there will be those who will answer this question in the affirmative. Yet to start a new relationship, many are not in a hurry. Fear of losing freedom, their hobbies, independence - so many obstacles in the way of the emergence of a new love that sometimes this barrier seems almost insurmountable. But that's no reason to despair, because every man is quite capable of defeating internal problems.
 To love a person, you need to learn not to be afraid, and begin to trust. Sometimes people get used to being alone, shut the door to the most important areas for their own inner world from strangers, because once faced with a lack of understanding, experienced separation or experienced something like that. But fear - not the best assistant in your life. If something bad happens, then fear will not help to avoid it. But what he can really do is prevent your happiness.

It is commonly thought that a serious relationship afraid, especially men, but women, on the contrary, would await them. Such a situation could be typical in the past, today the beautiful ladies of the idea of ​​creating a stable alliance with no less fear than men.

Someone interferes with the fear that everything will happen as if scripted. After all, it was already that you met a very interesting man, and at first all went well. But then pleasant moments became less and less, you and he even started fighting over nothing, in the end, parted in words, may still remain friends, but really trying to avoid each other like the plague. Psychologists believe that many women subconsciously seek to ensure that choosing a partner with men of the same type. That is, the risk to meet "the same mistake" really exists. But only if you do not work on yourself and do not solve their problems!

Do not be afraid of relationships and create lasting union can only be those people who are self-sufficient and independent from a psychological standpoint. If you have a full complex and unresolved internal contradictions, and you, besides, it is expected that your partner is able to cope with all of this for you, it is difficult to expect from such a relationship of harmony and sincerity.

Get used to the idea that your partner - an independent person. Do not ask him to make it the way you want it to be. Let him be himself, to enjoy communication with him was such a man. Nobody is perfect, and neither are you. If you do not try to change other people, you will find that life has become much easier and more pleasant.

Perhaps you are afraid of relationships because the approach of seeking to dissolve in a loved one, forget about yourself, throw your hobbies and goals? But if you know that your problem, make sure that the sort happened. Do not be afraid to love truly itself. Only someone who loves himself and is not afraid of their own inclinations and desires, understands what it means to love another person. The only way you will not be afraid of a serious relationship.

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