How to make a man quit smoking

How to make a man quit smoking
 Now a large number of men suffer from this bad habit, like smoking. How can affect your loved one, so that he abandoned it, how to get a man to quit smoking? It's not very easy. ... Let's look at this.

So, women, when they are not happy with something in the behavior of a loved one, or trying to forget about the fact that it does not like, or forget about the man. But this is - not an option. It is best to persuade him to change. But how to make a man give up their own habits?

Here it is necessary to act very carefully. After all, your ultimatum will not operate for a long time, and it promises given through your blackmail, it is still some time will be broken. After all, men tend to change only when, you want it and no entreaties and persuasions here will not help.

But there are a few secrets with which you convince a loved one in just about anything, including the fact that he was sure to say goodbye to such a habit, like smoking.

So, if your scattered throughout the home pamphlets about the dangers of tobacco use do not work and the man still keeps a lot of smoke, should proceed to action. You need to tell him that if he was to get rid of this bad habit, you will feel a lot happier.

At the same time, you can accidentally introduce a man with a highly qualified specialist in this field. And he will explain it using a variety of frightening words why smoking is injurious to him, especially as a man. This step will sow doubt in his mind. After that, in order to make a man quit smoking, try to provoke a man to make a decision so that the cancellation has become a sign of weakness of character. For example, you can use the following sentence: "Have you a slave of this bad habit? "We need to agree on the exact date. And upon its expiry notice seemingly as an afterthought, that the man began to look much better and offer more extended period of time. We are sure that the man no longer want to go back to such a bad habit like smoking!

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