How to force a man to fulfill its promises

How to force a man to fulfill its promises
 As a gift to the birthday you got a bunch of flowers and a book on economics instead of the promised car? Do not be discouraged, but rather think about how to teach your man always do what he says.
 Every man there are situations where it does not fulfill its promises given to its second half. But do not just think he did it on purpose, and that he can not be trusted. The reasons for this may be very different. But it is important to distinguish the men who rarely give up their words, from those who have already become a habit.

There are several ways to influence your life partner. For example, talk to him and tell him how much you hurt his empty words. Attentive and loving man you definitely hear what you want to convey to him and thinks about it. On the other hand, it can no longer promise to throw words to the wind, but this is just to say to the contrary.

You can try to meet the man in the same behavior, and not to fulfill their promises. So you can make him feel that you are experiencing, as they
often deceived.

Stand over and constantly pressed on him, forcing fulfill its promises, it is possible. But not recommended, otherwise you will not cause him nothing but irritation, and one day he leaves, slamming the door.

Of course, you need to share with sound sense refers to the words of men. If he promised you that you never nothing going to need, it is unlikely you imagine a situation where all of your clicking will appear in your hand.

When a man is constantly doing all the things he mentioned in conversation, do not rush too pleased. Too high responsibility - a sign of a strong self-doubt, and deliver on their promises, he begins to feel a sense of respect and not necessarily simply exasperated.

Wiser step is to filter all the words spoken to them. Do not wait for the promised gift in the form of a food processor or dishwasher. If the gift will be a surprise for you, then you will be much more pleasant.

And most importantly, if you decide to require your performance of all men promises, do not forget to carry out their, otherwise you risk being left with nothing.

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