How to change your attitude toward men

How to change your attitude toward men
 Sometimes women face in their lives with deception, disappointment and casual attitude that hurt the soul. Faced with the second half, the fair sex often hope for perfection partner. But over time, begin disagreements, arguments, and here again the woman alone. And how to change their attitude to men to build a harmonious relationship? On this question, psychologists know the answer.
 Typically, a woman is counting on the fact that man can bring order to her life. It may you become a mainstay, but treat neuroses do not have to. In addition, young people should not save you from boredom. So learn to manage your life and mood. Do not try to take it out on fellow humans if you have a bad mood.

Make it clear to the man that you are interested in a relationship. Respond to requests, stories, action. The lack of response it can be perceived as indifference.

Do not count on the fact that the young man will be all over you excel. In some areas of life woman understands much better than a man. And love does not need to have a complete advantage over the other. You can learn to love and to be more competent in many areas.

Do not count on that man becomes unconditionally fulfill all the requirements and guess the feelings and desires. Share with him all that you feel, otherwise it will not be able to understand what you need in a second.

Never tell a man that you are unhappy with your figure. He should not have to guess that you have flaws. Then favorite will take you a perfect woman.

Learn how to be smart and cunning in relation to men. This enables you to manage your loved one and direct his actions in the right direction. Somewhere not say anything, praise him, tell a kind word and a man for life remain faithful to you.

In the world there is no perfect people, and every man has disadvantages. Learn to put up with it. If these drawbacks are unbearable for you, then the only way to get rid of them - is to put an end to the relationship. After another parting just a man. Do not keep all the evil that has accumulated inside you. Try to forget the insults and negative emotions, so it will be easier.

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