How to break off relations

How to break off relations
 Initiated the breakup be difficult and sometimes unbearable, but you should find the strength to stop exhausting your relationship without hurting yourself and not causing severe insult your former lover.
 Before you rush to the announcement of the severance of relations, think about whether you really want to do this or is it just anger, resentment at your young man. Weigh all the "pros" and "cons". Perhaps this is another crisis in your relationship that you just need to survive together, in spite of all the hardships and problems.

If you do decide to put an end to your novel, you should probably understand that you will be speaking. Your words must be backed up with facts and arguments. "We are parting and the point" - that is no reason. A person needs to explain why there is so and not otherwise. Left without explanation, he can blame and blame only themselves break that would make it a closed and may suffer from complexes.

Choose the right place to talk. As the conversation will uneasy and not quite pleasant, let it be a quiet park or a small cafe where you can talk quietly in a secluded atmosphere, without prying eyes.

The conversation should take place necessarily tete-a-tete, that is, no SMS messages and messages in ICQ and similar online resources. Does not disappear from human life in silence, not explained. Unbearable to realize that you are not worthy of even parting words.

Tear off all contact with the person - it will be easier to forget each other. Farewell sex just will not be a panacea for both. Avoid places that you thought was yours, with whom your pair involves a lot of pleasant memories. In each event, there are pros and action, even at the break. Both will be free time that you can spend on yourself, your hobbies, friends.

Separation - this is not end of the world, and the next stage of life you want to survive and make their actions right conclusions. Do not focus on the past, look to the future. Because in order to gain something, you need somewhere to lose.

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