How to bind favorite

How to bind favorite
 Confirmed bachelor, who do not need a woman at home, not very much. Men, of course, need a partner, and it's not even in physiology. Heterosexual individuals, they are different and emotionally and in all other respects. Since opposites attract, they destiny to be together. Just need to know what exactly is most effective man draw.
 The surest way to bind Man to himself - is to surround your life together shared rituals. This will be a kind of support for him, clear guidelines for its future. If he will know exactly what you spend every weekend together, it will unconsciously plan your holiday, meaning your presence. Ask a man sure to call you when he comes home.

In the evening, see a new film with him, and then discuss what they see. Once a week, be sure to dine with him in a cozy cafe, and then slowly walk around the park. Select a day of shopping, go to the market or supermarket, discussing with a man shopping list. These traditions and rituals firmly come into his life, and you become an integral part of it.

Trust and absolute faith in another person based on predictability. The man did not bind to the windy person, in which seven Fridays of the week. He can fall in love with her, but to live with it for a long time can not. Her image does not fit into the plans, which should build stronger sex constantly. It is important to gain the trust and not be boring at this person. This is a very difficult task - to find a balance.

You can dine in various cafes, try on different images. After buying the products, you can come up with fun for the two of you - bowling, sauna, play paintball, meeting with friends, a barbecue on the lake. Experiment in sex, but remembers that the man liked especially. Add a bit of mischief in your intimate relationship - passionate kisses in the fitting room, games in nature, gentle touch in the restaurant.

Now, when there will be a favorite, be sure to remember you. Mark your presence and the places he often thought, but who visit without you. Try to make these joint visits pleasant experiences and impressions.

Things are also excellent wands reminder of man. Give the guy gifts that will be with him constantly - watch, signet ring, a set of handkerchiefs, underwear, socks. All this will surround them with your care and attention.

Plan your future together. Thus you will attend in his long-term plans. Discuss with your favorite journey to the sea, going to the mysterious caves, the New Year. But there are dangers and reefs - it is better not to speak about joint children with twenty boys. It all depends on the person you want to attach to himself by his tastes and preferences. Connect your intuition and reason.

A sense of proportion should not let you down. By accessing the apartment men do not talk about repair, replacement of furniture and permutation. Do not limit his freedom and personal space. He gradually allocate a place for you in my life, let alone what it will be, depends on you.

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