How to become a desired

How to become a desired
 How to become the best, most desirable, the most desired woman for men - this question puzzles many of the fairer sex. Of course, all men are different, for they are not one template Adjust. Nevertheless, there are some general patterns.

Men in most cases very clearly distinguish flirting, romance, from a long life together. And the very qualities of women who are simply irreplaceable in the first case, the second scare! It is one thing - a mistress who was willing to forgive and moods and mood swings, and even some bitchiness, selfishness, quite another - a legal wife in which man first of all appreciate the kindness, understanding, tolerance, caring.

That is the first rule: try to get the man the impression that you're the kind, understanding, patient and caring.

Any woman is more emotional, prone to mood swings than a man. For many reasons, including - purely physiological. Men know this and try to treat with understanding. But their patience is not endless! And hysteria - one of the most unforgivable, repulsive female qualities in the eyes of men, especially strong-willed, reserved. It just infuriates them.

The second rule is: when dealing with men, keep yourself in hand! Especially in those "days." Remember: they are female hysteria akin to torture.

Widespread prejudice that men are afraid of smart, erudite women. Like, next to the silly even unremarkable man feels himself a true genius and intelligent woman society immediately evokes in him fear for his authority complexes.

In some cases, this is true. But as a rule, are much more likely confuse and irritate female stupidity.

Therefore, the third rule: do not hesitate to his mind and his abilities, do not hide them! If you are somewhat understand better - do not get too clearly show it, especially in front of others.

Now twenty-first century, customs and practices which liberal than were until recently. However, any man - even the most calm and restrained - by nature, the owner of everything that comes to love. And he could not bear the thought that his lover was dear to someone else.

The fourth rule: in any case, under any circumstances, do not bring with him about his previous novels! Let memories - both pleasant and not so - will your female mystery.

If you truly want to become your man for the right, indispensable - keep these simple rules!

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