How to apologize to the man

How to apologize to the man
 Girls, intending to bring their own apology representative of a strong half of mankind, above all have to do it from the heart, sincerely. And, of course, should include his own imagination.
 Apologies practical type

Can be presented as a present anything practical. Is it possible to do otherwise. If a particular man dreams of a circle with Winnie the Pooh, become a member perevorachivateley penguins or voice any cartoon picture - all in the hands of women! It is necessary to carry out his innermost dream, nice to apologize and get the long-awaited forgiveness in tandem with a great mood. Solution of the problem can be handwritten and way of cooking.

Apologies romantic type

If a woman has a couple of days to spend thinking about their own behavior, she can spend it on a fairly extensive training. Thinking about how original apologize, she, for example, can be ordered in any particular banner ad agency, which subsequently is located directly in front of windows lover. The content of this poster can be any suitable sayings and phrases. And if a woman has certain skills in Photoshop, it should be composed of some of the common photo-collage of photos or a short story comics. Another solution is to make limousine that will take on the nice work.

Apologies with humor

Ask forgiveness can be quite naturally, adding a touch of humor own apology. Most budget way to apologize - bow tie, do compassionate expression, to take up a huge amount of balls and go in such a room of men. Rare representative of the stronger sex will be able to resist, seeing in front of him like the quintessence of unrivaled remorse. Incidentally, the woman may proceed quite unusual, if will go through the window rather than the door. Pre-need to determine whether the young man home. If so, what should timidly knock and ask for forgiveness. In the world there are few men who would be able to shut the casement to the repentant young lady.

And if a man is a true connoisseur of gifts practical nature, and the offending woman suddenly wanted to fool around a bit, the correct solution is to purchase it in his name area on the moon. My favorite will be able to hang on the wall resulting in a gift certificate and they brag to all your friends. And as the last argument for reconciliation can perform advanced lady offer to go along to one of the observatories and to look through a telescope at the "personal" section.

Apologies simple

And you can apologize and rather prosaic. Often these methods help out with small quarrels. For example, send a text message to a loved a long tragic description of his act. And piteously finish her sentence: "When you are so inflated, it can burst! ". Descriptions of all the misfortunes certainly cause him smile.

A woman may also cling to his shoulder and sincerely cry. Or kiss and hug chosen until it receives forgiveness. And even better to come to him with a bottle of good wine and a bouquet of flowers. Or secretly expanded in all his pockets, bags and small wallet card. You can apply and undisguised, generous and coarse flattery. When applying any of all these excuses man certainly forgive her favorite. Good Luck!

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