How do you know that he does not want to be my boyfriend

How do you know that he does not want to be my boyfriend
 The relationship between a man and a woman - a complex communicative process that takes place on both verbal and non-verbal level. Therefore, to understand what is actually a man feels, is extremely difficult.
 Communicating with a young man for a long time, she begins to feel sympathy for him. And then the question arises, how do you know he feels the same feelings or not? For too pushy and inconsiderate behavior can pay a heavy price - losing the friendship and confidence of a loved one. Therefore, it is desirable to clarify its relation to itself by analyzing rather than questioning.

To understand if the guy wants to meet with you, you can ask him about how he sees the perfect girl. The atmosphere is casual conversation of a general nature will allow him not to be afraid to express their true opinion. If a young man like you, it would be called your character traits and features of appearance. If the portrait of the perfect girl to be your complete opposite, it means that a guy in a veiled form makes it clear that you are friends and nothing more.

A different situation. Meeting for a long time, a guy can grow cold to her life partner. But, even having lost the old man feels, usually in no hurry to sever relations. Therefore, she should herself see the changes in the behavior of her boyfriend and understand that the young man does not want to meet her.

The first signal to the extinction of the relationship - a sudden change of behavior is not related to problems at work and other stresses. Relations become more strained. When talking man takes away the cold and indifferent glance, and the offer to see it more often refuses. All of this direct signs of the approaching separation.

If you come to the party, the guy ever look at other girls, you should not ignore this fact. Most likely, he lost interest in you, but decided to hold off on a break to look for a new passion. In this case, the only way - do not wait until he decides to leave the favorite, and leave first.

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