First date. What's next?

First date. What's next?
 First date - it's like jumping into the river in an unfamiliar location can be painful hit his head on the rocks, and you can get pleasure from plunging into the cool water. Never know unless you try. Neither the past experience, nor promise not to repeat the mistakes - his or others - will not help. The outcome of the first date may affect unexpected factors - broken heel or the sudden onset of a thunderstorm.

After the first date events may develop in five scenarios.

The first and the most favorable: the young man and the girl is very fond of each other, and now they do not want to leave. The world is painted in bright colors, and the birds are singing in the shower hymn of love. Mutual sympathy between two people - is that so hard to explain, very difficult to spoil. Therefore, in this situation, the main being natural. Do not hide your feelings, do not try to play each other in a dishonest game. For a man who has settled in my heart love, the most expensive - reciprocal feelings.

The second scenario: A young man fascinated by the girl, and she doubted her feelings. It all depends on the young man - if he can open up to her best. What did he say and do at the end of meeting, and immediately after it. One short sms an hour after the separation can solve everything. If it will affect a girl's heart, it will give the young man a chance. Such relationships are more fragile at first, but it will teach young people to be wary of each other. And if their life is still connected, this cautious attitude will help them in difficult times.

The third scenario: she saw the young man something special for her, and he remained indifferent to it. It is unlikely to be able to have after seeing something of his to attract. Men are more categorical. And if they were bored, then light the fire difficult. But if the girl is confident enough, it will not record everything in your account and remain happy simply socializing with her pleasant young man.

The fourth scenario: both were dissatisfied with the meeting. And they went home, believing that evening spoiled. But this is not much of a nuisance.

The fifth scenario: no woman, no young people are not particularly fond of each other, but agreed to a second meeting. And at this meeting may appear spark. The girl will come with a new hairdo and a romantic dress, and the young man will tell you that he writes poetry and plays guitar. "That's why he was so silent - it is a creative person, and not boring," - she thought. It all depends on the angle at which to look at the situation. Relationship between two people - it's hard work. But it is the power of each, you just have to want to see in the other person better and not dwell on mistakes.

What scenario would have evolved relationship after the first date, and the young man and the girl, left alone, should listen to themselves, their desires, needs to hear the inner voice, and he will tell you how to do the right thing.

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