10 reasons that make a man leave a woman

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 Sometimes even the most seemingly perfect relationship may end, and a loved one can leave, slamming the door. Many women are blamed for breaking hard man, not noticing that the reason lies in the parting them. What are the features of a beautiful lady can make a man turn away?

1. "Her manners are annoying"

The feeling of first love overshadows any disadvantages girls. For longer Dating Men may notice that his fiancee in a society behaves too vulgar and even inadequate.

On the behavior of women often appreciate and very man. If a girl does not know how to control themselves, subject to outbursts of anger unmotivated and so on, man, is likely to leave it. Live with such unpredictable special danger to reputation.

2. "We are too different"

If lovers are constantly quarreling, it is likely that they have very different characters, they just do not get along. A woman can be too demanding or too capricious. Men like to feel the leaders. If something starts to prevent this, a man leaves.

3. "It is - read the book for me"

A woman must constantly maintain interest men to myself. Although the ideal people and there are no men want their darling was intelligent, beautiful, and to the extent set free. No matter what area would be bad wife: bored for a man talking to her or she ceases to satisfy his sexual needs. He still goes in search of the best.

4. "It's dark past"

For women, there is no concept of "Don Juanism" is merely unpleasant phrase "dissolute life." Even if a man does not aspire to be among the first of his chosen partner, all the same information that she had it the 101st, knocks it out of the rut and may cause sever relations.

5. "It rips me angry '

Some women tell their loved ones on a daily basis about all troubles, problems and many concerns. Unfortunately, many men do not want to put up with it, and want to see the beloved gay and blooming. If a woman uses man as a vent, he would leave it.

6. "She stopped to care for themselves"

Joint life - is not a reason to stop painted for her man and constantly walk around the house in old pajamas. Man wants to feel that in front of him all the same beautiful stranger who conquered his heart once. Otherwise it will go away.

7. "It needs only my money"

Sometimes a woman uses the man only as a money purse, constantly pulling money on new gadgets and clothing. Once a man notices this, he must break the relationship.

8. "She has another"

Often men are experiencing betrayal much more painful than women. This betrayal harm the dignity of man is stronger than any words, quarrels and actions. Usually do not help no excuses and apologies. If a man learns about his wife, he leaves forever.

9. "I was afraid of her head"

Even if a woman obsessed with the idea to get married, she should not show it to the elect. Excessive pressure and constant talk about marriage on the part of women can alienate almost any man.

10. "She earns more»

In today's world situation, when a woman takes a higher position - are not uncommon. But most men still believe that they should be unconditionally breadwinners and leaders. If a man feels that high post and large salary of women affected his self-esteem, he would leave his beloved.

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