10 original gifts for February 23

10 23 ?
 Each year, the women of our vast country on the eve of the day of the male are thinking about what to give expensive defenders of this time? Gift options for February 23 quite a lot, but they are most often reduced to purchase another set for skin care after shaving, souvenirs and books, CDs and electronics. But today is a snap to choose a present, based on the preferences and interests of men. Believe me, he will appreciate your originality.

Deciding to pick up an original gift to the Day of Defender of the Fatherland, first of all, think about it - and what your man likes? For example, a lover of travel will appreciate something compact, useful in the campaign - a camera to capture all the fun or stylish, compact electric shaver. If your man is engaged in business, it is useful to receive a gift of prestigious watches - it's part of the image of a business person, the so-called status gift that will appreciate a man spinning in business circles. Of course, this task is not so much to buy hours as to their choice. Thus, searching for gifts can be made based on the hobbies and interests of the elect. But if you combine it all together, you can select the 10 most original gifts on February 23.

1. Status, image gifts - watches, neckties, perfumes, cufflinks, jewelry for men, business gifts (purses, etc.). Such prezenty can also be original, if you try and choose something really interesting, stylish, for example, an exclusive design option.

2. Adventure - an extreme descent from the snow-capped peaks, flying a fighter plane, a trip on the tank, hot air balloon, parachute jump, paintball and so on. About this gift of dream of every man, it's - unforgettable. Especially if it is an adventure designed for him and his friends. Holiday will truly masculine.

3. Funny gifts. In fact, all men in their hearts - the children, and any gift - surprise, picked up with the sense of humor will please him. For example, you can order for your favorite show or pick drummers original souvenir, funny, good, great selection of souvenirs. Such interesting gifts certainly should not be overlooked.

4. Collection weapons. This kind of gift is to provide separately, for lovers of the collection of weapons among men quite a lot, and such a present for the holiday can be very useful.

5. Underwear. As a rule, we are talking about men's clothes, which are then applied specifically initials of the man she loved.

6. Portrait. This gift will be remembered for a lifetime. To the artist painted a portrait, it is enough to give him a good photograph - and after a while you get an original gift that is sure to enjoy your beloved man.

7. The film-congratulation. To remove a small film - congratulations, it is enough to pick up a camera and go for the best friends and family of his beloved, let everyone say a few words of greeting, and you summed up his warm congratulations - original, unusual and very touching.

8. As is known, the most precious gift - the one that you have done your hands. Tie the beloved sweater or scarf, because February - a cold, winter months, and made their own hands warm and beautiful gift will delight and warm.

9. Gifts related to hobbies men - for example, if your man loves music, give him a ticket to a concert of his favorite artist or group.

10. Gifts to Army slope - various souvenirs, clothing and accessories from the army attributes, it will be relevant and interesting, especially if the recipient of the gift was in the army.

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