What if relations are deadlocked

What if relations are deadlocked
 Relationships come to a standstill when a couple can not figure out how to keep them on and whether it is worth doing it. Situations can be many: fatigue from each other, constant quarrels and reconciliation, the inability to reach a new level of relations and so on. But in any case, the sooner a decision is made, the better.
 To break the deadlock, will not move, it is impossible. You can try to ignore the problem, but over time it happens again, and so will continue as long as you do not find a way out of this situation. The first step is to decide whether you want to maintain a relationship with a partner, or is simply to break the connection. Should talk with her lover, try to find a solution together. In particular, it may be that people just do not see any problem or deadlock, but because he needs to explain what went wrong.

Sometimes the rupture of relations - it is the only way to break the vicious circle. For example, if a man constantly changes lover, she knows about it, arranges scandal, but then forgive and everything starts again, the future of such relations is questionable. The same applies to battering, alcoholism, and so on. In closing his eyes on the problem, you do not decide it, but deal with it sometimes does not work. In such cases, the gap is often the best solution. The same applies to situations where the partner is a pain, and there is no desire to continue a relationship with him.

If you decide to save his love, talk with your partner about your relationship, ask his opinion about the current situation, try to put yourself in his place. For example, a man can not even guess that the girl dreams of living together and the wedding that she was tired of walking together rare and lunch at the cafe, and the monotony of courtship has its annoying. Try to understand what it is you want to change. In this case, be prepared themselves to make concessions.

Bring the relations of the impasse can strongly shake. This is especially true in cases where routine swallowed romance and a couple begins to feel that their relationship is no point. Embark on a journey, go with an active sport, change your life. Try to become each other's lovers, friends, business partners, hobbies and so on. Change the relationship itself, add them what you are missing.

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