Your success - is his problem?

Your success - is his problem?
 Your career is committed only one more rise up and follows the other? Your colleagues appreciate you as a professional, and friends admire your human qualities? Just why a loved one becomes more and more suspicious and insecure? How it affects your success?

One of the main features of the man's character is called self-esteem. That it makes a man a man and allows him to achieve much in life. When your loved one knows that you are not only the defenseless "kitten", but also a successful professional, his pride hurt. He starts to get nervous and feel uncomfortable at the thought that you better than him. And rightly so, because for many centuries man was the main breadwinner. Today, this view has changed slightly.

To your success does not become a problem for men, try to never speak about his activities down. Always respectful of his work and colleagues. He should not ignore the fact that you have it in something surpassed.
Repeat, he's the best. For a man, this is really important.

Remind your loved one about the prospects. Say that now everything is just beginning. And considering his attitude and hard work, he is sure to reach a lot in life. Give him an incentive for self-improvement.

Support and help him. If a loved one there are any professional problems, the outcome of which you can influence, help him solve them.

What to do if your success is not associated with a career, and with the popularity among friends? Regular meetings, fun and you're in the spotlight. Agree, there is nothing wrong with that. You just sociable, interesting and cheerful person, but my husband does not like it. Try to introduce him to your friends. It is likely that they will find a common language, or at least he will know with whom you are communicating.

Do not give a man a reason to be jealous your friends. Often call him and write SMS. Try to make her husband as popular: tell me what it interesting person, etc. When he is busy with his friends, he will not have a reason to be jealous to your popularity.

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