Tactics and strategy holiday romance

Tactics and strategy holiday romance
 Resort. Vacation, sun, beach, cocktails. Just the thought of it makes tune in more optimistic mood and look forward to the desired vacation. Many men and women come to rest in solitude, and it almost certainly means that they rely on for romantic and exciting adventure of love.  

If you decide to tighten the love of pleasure, it is necessary first of all to develop a specific strategy and tactics that will not allow you to get into an awkward situation. To begin, decide what you want really. Find a sexual partner and sponsor a few interesting days and hot nights? Or to have such a familiarity, which in the future may lead to a serious relationship or even marriage.

The rule is the fact that finding the perfect man of the common girlish dreams for a short vacation hundred percent fail. You can not know a person completely. Here is just a shell, the contents of which are likely to will remain unexplored. Cute handsome may be commonplace Alfonso and wealthy businessmen are often not nearly as attractive as their capital. But what man thinks and how he behaves in real life, you can not know. The art of seduction does not show its inner side, so you can run into a big disappointment.

Sometimes like a holiday romance extreme. A woman rushes into the maelstrom sweeping her feelings and emotions with the head, for which he can then pay a very high price. Think about your own safety. Indeed, the novel implies an intimate relationship. Take care of contraception on their own. Bring holiday venereal disease or pregnancy hardly anyone wants.

Do not bring anyone to his room. For sex can approach the number of a man or a secluded spot on the beach shore. Otherwise, you can wake up satisfied, but thieved.

Be careful nachet married men. Do not let them use themselves, show female solidarity towards his wife. This does not mean that we should require a passport and see if he has the stamp. "Zhenatikom" will still be a bit constrained, because he knows that cheating - a grave sin, which then can be punished to the fullest extent of marital laws.

And finally - remember that you are going on vacation and not in a mad sexual journey. Holiday romance should not be an end in itself. Otherwise, you will spoil yourself and rest, and mood.

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