Skanadal - not the solution!

Skanadal - not the solution!
 As is often difficult to hold back and starts annoying quarrel with loved ones. Very often, after the showdown, you regret that it is not able to resolve the conflict more painless way.

Of course, that all people are different: some more quiet and reserved, someone has an explosive temper. Also each have different perceptions of the scandal. It is believed that the scandals are useful and can not hoard a negative emotion, it is better to throw them into a source of irritation. Many couples prefer to sort things out with the help of a violent quarrel, and then practice the same rapid reconciliation. Even the sex they feel more complete, if they occur after the scandal.

In this situation, it all depends on you and your partner. If such a relationship is large enough, then why not apply them in life. But, quarreling, try to observe certain rules of conduct that the scandal did not destroy your marriage. Never hit "below the belt". Everyone has their weaknesses and tend to know their loved ones. Under no circumstances, how much would you not be angry, do not use that knowledge. Otherwise, a loved one will simply cease to trust you. Of your relationship lost sincerity. In the heat of an argument is easy to forget about the limitations, but try to come up for yourself some word or remark, saying that you provide a signal to his companion that he clearly goes too far.

Yet the scandal - not a solution to the conflict. Much more productive dialogue, as a result of which it is possible to reach a compromise. If you see that your partner starts obviously annoying, and you are already struggling to restrain themselves, try to say the following: "We are adults who discuss the problem, I do not want to quarrel with you, I wish that we could easily find a solution that will suit both of us. " This, or a similar phrase sobering your opponent and adjusts to further conversation. A good way to suppress the looming scandal is shifting attention to something else. The easiest way is to make tea, coffee, get away from the conflict. In the end, you can take a shower to cool down sweaty head and tune in to the benevolent tone.

Learn to control your emotions, be above scandals. Very often, they start over trifles and poison the lives of you and your families. Self-control and a positive attitude to life, security of a healthy nervous system, not only for you but also for your loved ones.

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