Love on the Internet

Love on the Internet
 More recently, the word "Internet" was just included in a person's life. Now it's hard to imagine life without "World Wide Web". He entered literally everywhere. Internet dating sites is literally overflowing with which you can try to marry. Someone takes it with approval, some furiously indignant. In fact, love on the Internet - what is it? What are the pros and cons?

No matter how cursed the guardians of morality, comparing it with the selection of goods in the store, the ability to preview the free "candidates" is very important. In the end, once the Russian tsars arranged bride brides - is not "Choose items"?

Many people are shy by nature, it is difficult to take the first step forward, if it happens in real life. In the "virtual" is much easier to do! Nobody sees you, over your embarrassment, no one will laugh, or a sympathetic sigh.

Also a plus is that you do not necessarily start immediately any serious relationship, you can know a person better, and only at the meeting decide whether you can be together.

Virtuality, no "visible" response interlocutor on your words automatically pushes you toward greater openness, "openness". That too often leads to greater interest to you with his hand.

What are the disadvantages of such "love"?

Folk wisdom says knowingly: "It is better to see once than hear a hundred times! "The image created by your imagination (it's not just about looks, but also on the nature), it may be not for what he is in reality. Sometimes this contradiction is so egregious that it is immediately clear: a serious relationship and can be no question. And if a person has presented an image of a "hero" and handsome, but in real life met the exact opposite? In this case, the person will be suppressed, as all his dreams collapsed like a house of cards from time to time.

It happens that communication in the network as "warmed up" partners that simply overwhelms the desire to meet in reality. And what about when he or she is in a different country, sometimes very far from each other? Or even in different parts of Russia ?!
However, the Romans said: "Omnia province amor! "(" Love conquers all! ") Be of good cheer!

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