How to learn to understand a man

How to learn to understand a man
 A man and woman living together, watching the same movies, solve the same problem, rejoice together and speak the same language. Is it only one language, really? Why, then, to understand men is sometimes so difficult?
 Eternal misunderstanding between persons of opposite sexes became a favorite subject for jokes. But to get out of this vicious circle, it is enough to grasp the basics of male psychology, and choose appropriate tactics behavior:

1. are requested specifically. Women's ear nicely captures the tone of the interlocutor, and to understand the state of mind of the person it is not difficult. Men are more difficult in this respect. For them, it is important to talk sense, and an expression of specific words. Exclamation, "You do not pay attention to me! "The woman seems quite clear request to take her to the movies. The man comes in bewilderment from this statement. Another hopeless situation, when a woman expresses his displeasure proud silence. It is not necessary to wait until the partner enumerates all the options and understand what you mean. Just ask him about what it is you want.

2. Do not ask men daily confessions. Men are not deprived of the senses, except that they express them differently. A woman waiting for her partner colorful declarations of love and daily compliments. The absence of this perceived it as coldness and indifference. Men tend to be stingy with words, and his love prefer to confirm the action. Give salary, nailed, take your child to kindergarten - is also a little recognition, and their wise woman will appreciate.

3. Control your emotions. You should not speak to a man loudly or raise the tone at the end of phrases, using abundant reproaches and unflattering comparisons. To understand a man and to be understood, a serious discussion should be constructed as follows. In the beginning, specify the topic, go to the conversation from the main to the secondary and always finish the conversation clear conclusions. In fact, according Shtirlitsa, remembers the last phrase. And all the "lyrics" a man can count the extra chatter.

5. Silence does not mean ignoring. For a woman, faced with a problem, the main talk. Men often prefer to think things through carefully and decide. Talkativeness is not held in high esteem in the stronger sex. If your partner is silent, it is not necessary to touch the mind frantically options, what you do not please him. Maybe he just broke the motorcycle. Leave the man alone for a while, and he will thank you.

Thus, men and women - there are different, but that does not mean that they do not find a common language. Learn to understand men value their individuality, and then no "Lost in Translation" will not prevent a happy and harmonious relations.

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