He and his parents. Tactics behavior

He and his parents. Tactics behavior
 Anxiety about impressing and fear not like familiar to all women who have ever acquainted with the parents of the elect. Even if you have had similar experiences in the past, the excitement can not be avoided. What tactics behavior adhere to the first meeting with his family did not last?

"Any woman who meets a man 90 days, already was acquainted with his family." So says Steve Harvey, author of the bestseller "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man." Usually this happens when parents person with whom you meet, live with you in one city and if your relationship is serious.

The reason for the meeting with the parents of your men could be his birthday or the birthday of someone from his family members, a joint trip to the cottage, going to the theater or restaurant. Sometimes you just come to visit him, and suddenly they appear, his parents. And if in the case of planned activities you have time to prepare, in case of sudden meeting you have to improvise.

A woman who knows how to listen and analyze the information received, before his meeting with the parents of his friend can make an impression on them, their family structure, their preferences and habits. Be attentive to his stories, avoiding the annoying curiosity, and then you can find what to talk to them at the meeting. Ask him to show you the family photos, in case you are interested in you, man, he is happy to do it. But do not expect that his "imaginary" parents and their actual implementation will coincide: Mom can be annoying habit of interrupting you, as a father, a modest and cute in the photo, can be picky and boring.

Perhaps the most important advice - do not expect that you will immediately like home, give up and the expectations of another kind, mentally prepare for the worst, but be prepared for a pleasant surprise. Behave naturally and restrained, give up the outrageous, even if you close in spirit. Do not play the first violin in the conversation at the table, demonstrate good manners to talk about themselves only if they ask, and do not concentrate on their shortcomings. Cute joke. The clothes stick to the "golden mean", keep your style, if your meeting is informal, but if you go along to the restaurant or at some event, find out in advance what kind of clothes would be appropriate. After becoming a wife, you can get into a new environment for you, and you will learn something. Set yourself positively - you expand your world and the world of people who can be your loved ones if you so choose.

If you are invited to the birthday of his mother and father, seriously consider choosing a gift, but do not overdo it with its price, trying to capture the imagination, let the thing is beautiful and practical. Choose a gift together with your friend.

If the first contact with his parents was "lumpy", do not take this end of the world, do not avoid repeated meetings. Do not criticize his parents and not make fun of them, your friend is unlikely to enjoy. Only in the process of communication, joint meetings and actions you can better learn and understand these people. Where you need help, but never interfere in the affairs of their family.

Thus, the most correct tactics in a relationship with his parents - respect and openness, combined with dignity, without fear or flattery. In conflict situations, help reasonable distancing.

But there is good news for those who are not accustomed to compromise - you do not have to like your friend's parents, because you do not live with them, and with him. In the case of strong love time will do the trick: they put up and take you any unless you are consistent and patient.

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