Caught a guy, its the same bait

Caught a guy, its the same bait
 Sometimes stereotypes are firmly entrenched in people's minds, strong enough prevent them live. "A girl should not meet the first, and in general to take the initiative! "- Sounds from all directions. But is it?

Firstly, no one owes nothing. Your future depends on you. And you have to live with the pleasant man, and not with the whole society.

Secondly, in fact, is not so important, who initiated the dialogue. The same tricks are equally valid as girls and men. Therefore, armed with a charming smile, with the motto "Be caught a guy on his same bait! "Boldly go into battle for their happiness.

Of course, universal and guaranteed way to see does not exist, because each person is different. Besides, we all have problems in life, and you, through no fault of your reasons, you can not just get in the mood object of sympathy.

One simple, but effective way - pretend photographer. Say what you were looking for just such a type, and then gently introduce and continue the conversation. Reverse option - ask to photograph you. He also has a place to be, but such a request is so widespread that it is hardly likeable guy give it meaning.

If you normally shy to ask for the phone from strangers, then as a photographer you do it will be much easier. After all, you'll need to somehow find a man to give him the photo?

And you can pretend to be a tourist or a lost man. Male ego always flatters the opportunity to show their strength and intelligence, diligence and care. But without women's tricks are not enough. Ask not just the exact address of the place and ask advise where to spend the evening, where you can go.

It will be a kind of test for the guy. Depending on the recommendations can be roughly understood range of human interests or his ability to understand other people. When you get an answer to your question, gently ask, not whether the young man wants to hold you or make the company?

Another option - to draw liked the guy in the shop as a consultant in technology or in the men's department of any store. Just be forewarned that are looking for a gift to a relative or a colleague at the request of the chief to the guy did not have the idea that your heart is already taken, and you are shopping for a loved one.

There are plenty of other options - for example, to introduce a writer or journalist who, for whatever reason, it is interesting to talk to this guy, or a person engaged in opinion polls. The main thing is not zaviraytes, be open and sincere.

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