At the fork in the "former" relationship

At the fork in the "former" relationship
 It's been a few months after the break. Nothing in the apartment reminds of the former: the general picture hidden, the gifts you brought back, and the door locks changed almost immediately after his departure. But life pushes you over and over again - yesterday were in the same line at the store, and last week met at mutual friends. In my head creeps involuntary thought: what if ...  

Yes, be on the fork "former" relationship is not easy. Do not let go of the memories, not to forget the happy moments. After all loved you once and for something of this man. And he seems to still indifferent to you. At least, so say the very common friends.

Scenarios are three. First, you can remain friends. Good friends, which connects the common past, and maybe even common children. Because friends is easy - just interested in business, show attention and congratulations to the holidays. If you have children together, the friendship will be on hand all - you and the children who will grow calmer atmosphere of friendliness and tranquility.

The second scenario - a complete disregard for the former and the exclusion of his life. Wounds have not healed resentment, hatred bubbling in his chest. Indeed, it is better not to meet once again in order not to provoke the release of negative energy. It will take some time, and you will feel gtovnost dialogue. Until then, it is desirable to refrain from the contacts. Dive into a new life, not to remember the past.

Finally, the third option - resuming relations. Try to give each other a second chance. During separation, the two of you "matured" to think about their actions and "example" in the lonely life. Dare to start all over again, just remember that the same river twice failed to enter, be prepared to be disappointed, now for the second time. However, there are exceptions - couples who have a habit to give up and go again, each time experiencing a flurry of emotions, which, in fact, keep the relationship.

They say that love - is hard work and happiness so simple does not give anyone. So you should think twice before putting an end to the relationship, so you do not guess which of the three roads to choose to fork "former" relationship.

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