Why men love spontaneous sex

Why men love spontaneous sex
 With true female chauvinism we used to blame men in willful violation of moral principles and to simplify the relation to such a sacred act as proximity. But do not forget that modern men - only the children of his time, gave him the tribute.

Indeed, our age ever accelerating pace affects not only the rapid urbanization and technological progress, but also on gender relations. And included in this incredible race, we unconsciously transfer the familiar rhythms and the most intimate aspects of life. And if in the past year sex on a first or second date was considered the top of debauchery, then today he served as an obligatory dish to any more or less friendly relations, whether it be a fleeting romance or relationship with far-reaching intentions.

And of course you can not condemn those who view sex as a sport, personal victories and records in which tens and thousands. After all, if the media bring touch of eroticism in virtually all of its branches, sin wonder our youth susceptibility to this pleasant and accessible side of life today.

But, nevertheless, with that said the simplicity and accessibility of sexual relations may do a disservice, because there is a risk that the incomparable pleasure of sex and the sacraments become a routine, completely lost its novelty. That is why modern men prefer sex is spontaneous, rather than bored of the standard schedule visits: movies, dinner, bed.

The suddenness and unpredictability become men of the relish, without which the most perfect dish will lose its special flavor. Zastignuvshy surprise passion gives intimacy quite unique features, and it is able to capture the feeling of a couple in a whirlpool of lust, is unthinkable in a normal everyday situation where sex as a kind of exercise, are assumed to be at certain times and in familiar surroundings.

So - long live the spontaneity, which, however, should not be confused with obsessive promiscuity and vulgarity. Only a one-time mutual attraction can give an unforgettable effect and be a great adventure for a couple whose lives habitually flows through the established routine. A wise and has a fine instinct woman is always able to play the "spontaneity" of the beloved, that in the best possible impact on the fortress relations and mutual affection.

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