When you do not want sex at all ...

When you do not want sex at all ...
 Women are increasingly is next to a bed in a well-known actors - the universally recognized symbol of sex - or muscular mysterious strangers. Her man she fell out of love, but sex with him for some reason do not want. However, if your partner is really dear to you, passion can be returned.

Firstly, the quality of regular sex prevents habituation to each other. Now both of you obviously do not have andrenalina. So, we need to go together to the place where your pair will be able to experience strong emotions. Dance classes, roller skating, skydiving, etc. - All this, according to psychologists, helps to revive the former attraction. Think of a situation when you have sex with a favorite especially liked, a really sunk into the soul. Try to reproduce the scene. And in extreme cases can proceed by contradiction: let myself that week will not sleep with your partner that you will not imagine an intimate relationship with him - and a desire to break out.

Second, sex often hinder long-standing, deeply hidden resentment, not quite realize it, but still a heavy burden of claims to the man. Think about when exactly was the desire to disappear and what preceded this. Talk to the man that you are concerned about. Feel free to ask questions! After try to focus more on the positive qualities of a loved one and to treat his shortcomings as a pretty cranky. Do not let irritation kill sex drive. Tune in a romantic mood and help find opportunities for solitude. Rest alone, even in the country at the weekend, will kindle a fire in you.

Third, you may be very tired during the day. Work, home, family ... After the hustle and bustle of everyday bed is perceived only as a sleeper. Sometimes during the day in your head flash erotic fantasies, but in the evening, when you see her man with a sandwich in front of a computer, they disappear. Discuss with your partner this problem and try to assign responsibilities so that you have more time for each other. During the day, while the favorite is not there, imagine yourself exactly it - and at its best! Partner in the evening will have a pleasant association. Let him persuade and conquer you. Say man, Cho he can do whatever he wants - most likely, he will endeavor to justify the trust, and demonstrate how he was grateful and pleased.

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