Money favorite in relations

Money favorite in relations
 Of course, money can not buy happiness, but without them, life is not enough. Between love such problems usually do not bother, because there are things more important and, but over time the question of finance can get very serious.

If you feel a constant shortage of money, try to figure out how much and what you spend. Sometimes it happens that even the couple with good incomes constantly the case of financial difficulties. Maybe you just do not know how to farm economically, often go somewhere fun or permanently commit a large number of purchases. By the way, the concept of "lack of money" is very loose. If you bought a fur coat, and then purchased the car, and then make repairs in the apartment, there is nothing surprising - many lifetime save up for things like that.

In any case, do not start a conversation with a scandal. Try together with your partner understand the problem. You need to calculate your income, subtract one large planned purchases and see what is left. If left a large sum, which shattered somewhere, then you should do with planning costs. If the amount remains small, then it is better to try to buy less expensive things and services, because you can not bring a comfortable life as a sacrifice to his whims.

Worst of all, if one partner earns little, so there are quarrels. Firstly, to assess the adequacy of your queries. An ordinary person, even working a good position with a high salary, you will not be able to carry abroad four times a year, at the same time pulling coats and diamond necklace.

Before you make a complaint about the low income sign in his situation. Maybe your partner is temporarily forced to work for little money in the necessary skills, and then he will be able to earn a lot really. If a person runs his own business, he just need your support, not scandal and accusations. In any industry things are not always good for each firm may be in trouble. Of course, if a person lives for years, at your expense, constantly talks about how everything will be fine, but it does not do anything, then it is an occasion to think seriously about the severance of relations.

In any case, even if the family budget with all the good it is better to agree on major spending. If the partner is advised in advance that you want to buy, and how much you need to do, then you then there will be no complaints, because the time is not banned - so allow.

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